About Us

We are a local design and manufacturing business, founded and operated by a construction engineer. Our company specializes in the design, manufacturing, and installation of custom outdoor kitchens and grill islands; with more than 10 years of experience in the business, and over 100 satisfied customers.

We have experienced designers and technicians who will give you the best quality, for a reasonable cost and in a timely manner.

How We Do It

After you contact us, by appointment we come to your home for a free, no obligation one-to-one interview. We listen to your outdoor project requirements, exchange ideas, and give you our best advice based on our experience.

  • After the interview, our designer will create a computer design (CAD) based on the requirements agreed upon and the equipment chosen by the client.
  • The design process includes your selection of countertop surface, and components, with our advice.  Kitchens may include components such as electrical outlets, wet bars, sinks, gas, electric or charcoal grills, ovens, refrigerators, freezers, utensil and cookware storage.  We will recommend the best equipment for the Florida outdoor environment, which once approved will be included in your custom kitchen.
  • This design is promptly provided to the customer for approval with a detailed quote.

  • Your final approved design is fabricated at our facilities by experienced technicians, under the supervision of our designer and manufacturing engineer.
  • Custom designed cabinetry and all associated components are engineered for perfect coordination, and precise dimensional fitment in your home.
  • The kitchen cabinetry is constructed on a galvanized steel frame (not wood), clad with a weather- and mildew-resistant exterior construction panel board (not plywood).
  • All seams are reinforced and all surfaces are impermeable and sealed with weather-resistant premium products.

  • We transport and install the pre-finished cabinets in the specified area of your home.
  • Once the cabinets are secured in place, the countertop of your choice is installed.
  • We complete the project by installing all the grilling and cooking equipment and accessories, testing each one of them to be sure that everything is in working order.
  • The worksite is swept clean.
  • The complete installation process is clean, fast, and only requires a few days.

Why Choose Us

  • You deal directly with the owner and receive the best service in the market
  • Each design is customized to fit your needs, and you receive a computer generated design.
  • We do not change our price once the estimate is agreed upon, unless the project is modified.
  • Durable, non flamable and weather-resistant cabinets are custom-fabricated at our facilities to be transported to your home, minimizing time required working at your home.
  • Our manufacturing and installation process usually avoids the need for building permits.

Examples of Completed Projects

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